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    • 12 days ago
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Support Issues
14,327 (+2.9%)
Jun 16, 10:00 am
1,132 total tickets
06:25:00 response time
Active tickets 24
12 hours
Annabelle Doney
American Express
[#1183] Workaround for OS X selects printing bug Chrome fixed the bug several versions ago, thus rendering this...
16 hours
Chris Macintyre
Castle Stormers
[#1249] Vertically center carousel controls Try any carousel control and reduce the screen width below...
20 hours
Robert Hauber
Buzz Corp
[#1254] Inaccurate small pagination height The height of pagination elements is not consistent with...
40 hours
Dex Sponheim
Goonies Investigations
[#1184] Round grid column gutter operations Left rounds up, right rounds down. should keep everything...
Resolved tickets 42
Alan Macedo
Humperdinck Inc.
[#1046] Avoid some unnecessary HTML string Rather than building a string of HTML and then parsing it...
Brett Castellano
Iocane Industries
[#1038] Update json configuration The files property is necessary to override the files property...
Roxanne Forbes
Upside-down LLC.
[#1034] Tooltip multiple event Fix behavior when using tooltips and popovers that are...
Closed tickets 37
Mitchell Sitkin
Vizzini Contractors Association
[#1040] Account for static form controls in form group Resizes control label's font-size and account for the standard...
Katleen Jensen
Westfield Hotels
[#1038] Proper sizing of form control feedback Feedback icon sizing inside a larger/smaller form-group...
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